Impermanence of love

ignites reveries of pain.

Arums do bloom,

in the boulevard that remains.

Lily of the Valley,

perfectly poised to lie.

Whispering softly in Baby’s Breath,

I will never let you cry.

Mystical Myrtles in the mist,

tapestry of pure joy.

Red Poppies in the fields,

below a moonless sky.

Amaranth in the garden,

of immortal love, they blend.

Mallow in the heart’s marsh,

despite the violent end.

Together, forever, she said,

mythical narratives while I die.

Primrose in her hands

as she bids final goodbye.

Still under your Witch Hazel,

your name in my Spindle Tree.

White Tulips cover my living grave

with Hibiscus memories.

Where are my miracles

and my Canterbury Bells?

Where are your promises,

my Star of Bethlehem?

~ Freedom